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Welcome to the Adult Figure Skating Team Darmstadt!

Our Season will start on sunday 01-Oct-2017


We are a mixed group of people (18-60+ years) having fun together on the ice and our association TSG Darmstadt  is supporting figure skating as a mass sport but also competitors have  possibility to be prepared in participation in certain adult competitions.

Beginners in iceskating/ and /or figureskating are very welcome in our group,"you are never to old to get started"


Adult figure Skating team Darmstadt invites you to have a Test training package in our group every Thursday, starting at 21:15: (with a licensed trainer)


You will receive more infos at SchnuppernEisKLEDA@gmx.de

Make your application by givin´your full name and the day you want to attend for a test training.

You also receive any further information you might need.


We are happy to see you!


Please refer as well to





Below you can find an impression of one of our annual program

"The Grinch"

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